Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Our was wonderfully quiet and low key. I was thankful that we had no where to be, the snow is terrible. My sister has a 4x4 so she delivered my parents, their dog and the turkey in the afternoon. We spent a quiet morning with my sister and the kids opening gifts. Its tradition that Aunty sleeps over on Christmas eve. My parents came over in the afternoon and we opened more gifts and had a yummy turkey dinner. The kids were great, even had a nap! It was a lovely day!

Christmas jammies. The kids get to open one gift on Christmas eve. Its their jammies.

Kaylum thought these cookies were for him!

Santa's bounty! That's one sad piece of celery. We were out of carrots! The girls made notes for Santa to take. So cute!

What we woke up to Christmas morning. I thought before I went to bed, the snow must be done, I can see stars. Nope! I think it was close to a foot fell during the night!

Gifts from Santa!

This boy is an expert un-wrapper, when he feels like it!

Breakfast! YUMMMY! Land of Nod cinnamon buns. The best and easiest you will every make and eat. OMG!! Cathy turned me on to this receipe and its now a tradition at our house too.

A shirt with our dog's picture on it! Good one Aunty!

This toy was the hit of the day. Kaylum LOVES balls! These ones shoot out the top! He was screaming with delight. It was awesome.

Dinner time!

Kaylum pulled his own cracker apart. Even made it snap!

Our annual family picture!

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Carol Kerfoot said...

I love this! Its so nice to see families making traditions together. It looks like you had such a nice Christmas. I am so not getting the recipe for the Nod :D