Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Decos

My blogger friend Shawna has made a little fun activity for her fellow blogger friends, A Christmas Open House Tour via the blog. So here is my entry!

The Tree!!

An ornament me and girls made a few years ago. There other craft we did that day saw Keira stuff a small red pom pom up her nose. She was 2! Sean got it out and no emerg trip was necessary!

My snowman family. I got them last year from Home and Gift. I seem to have a snowman thing. This year when I put them out Kaylum kept hugging them. He leaves them alone now.

A pretty glass angel. There are 3, one for each of my babies. Also from Home and Gift.

I like to put out this year and last year's Santa photo so we can look back at home much the kids have grown in a year. The snowman is my fave, we got it on a trip to Leavenworth three years ago. The candle holder on the left, Kylie made in her first year of preschool. The other candle holder was given to me by Sean's Grandmama.

The mantel in the family room. I love to display all the pictures that we get in our Christmas cards! The stocking will be hung on the living room mantel closer to Christmas if not on Christmas eve. I would hate for Kaylum to pull them down and break the holder.

A gift from Sean's Nana. I don't know if they are Christmas ornaments, but they look wintery and they go well.

A self portrait! I really should stop taking them while in my jammies!!

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Carol Kerfoot said...

your home looks so pretty! I love your little clothes line on your firplace!

I should do the same!