Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Things have been busy, busy here on the Funky Planet this week. So I will try to do my best to catch up a bit.
On Friday we had the M family come over for Pizza Night and then after we decorated cookies. Last year they hosted us, so it was our turn! They have 4 awesome kids that are the same age as ours. Yes that's right, I had 7 kids under 6 in my house decorating cookies! What was I thinking? Well it went amazingly well. Except Keira dumped the container of little silver balls and they went EVERYWHERE!! It has taken most of the week to clean them up!

Here they are just before the dump. Do you think there is enough on there? Well she didn't. She wanted MORE!
Oh yeah, they all got into their jammies just after dinner and before decorating. I think they were just as excited to be in jammies together as they were to decorate!

After the decos were done and the kids were hyped on sugar, and the babes were in bed, we turned on a Christmas movie while the adults enjoyed some adult conversation!

What a great evening! It seems we have started a new tradition! The kids all get along so well and its it so nice that they will go off and play while we visit!

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