Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Waiting to cross the border. Look no line! Could be cuz the US $$ SUCKS!!

Waiting for our plane, so excited!!

Maybe some of us are a little too excited?

Sunset from the plane.
First (but certainly not the last) drink in Vegas!

This is at the Plazzo. It just opened this year. The fountain was so pretty, but for some reason they pumped perfume through the air, so it made it really smelly in there. We got out of there as fast as we could!

The Effiel Tower. Last time we were there we went up it. Which I recommend doing, especially at night, its SPECTACULAR! And cold! I love to take pics of this!

This is what you do a lot of when you are on vacation with a photographer. Atleast they have each other........

Our hotel. If you get a chance, stay there! Its great!

US 3 outside the TI

Its important to stay hydrated on hot days!

Outside the M & M store! 4 floors of M & M merchandise. Who knew? Its a fun store!

There are a lot of silly things in Vegas!

This is in the Bellagio. My favorite hotel in Vegas. Every season they change this display. Last time we were there is was decorated for Chinese New Year. This time it was a beautiful fall display. I can only imagine what it looks like at Christmas.
This isn't a great shot, there were so many people who kept walking in front of me. But that is water shooting over the path.
Animated trees. Their eyes moved and they talked!

The Bellagio buffet. YUM YUM YUM!!
We met a lady who seemed to think I was pregnant and helped us bypass the line for the buffet (it would have been a good 2 hour wait) with her players card. She plays A LOT at the Bellagio. So we got this VIP pass to by-pass the line and only had to wait 5 minutes. I figured if it got me dinner faster, she can think what she wants! It was nice of her to help us out!

So much crab, so little room! Thanks Maria!!

Onto dessert!

The fountains at the Bellagio. I love this show!

Ahhh, this was such a treat!


My sister feeds me grapes!

This is what you get when you don't empty your pockets before you jump in the pool! Didn't take long to dry. (it wasn't me!)

This is our star sighting paparazzi pic of Annalynne McCord she is on the new 90210 show, which I watch, so I thought it was kind of neat to see her sitting around the same pool as us!

Sean was teasing us about watching this tv actress. So we were hamming it up for him. LOL!

The beach is...that way!

Outside the Mirage

I love this shot, and the sun flare on the side of the building.

Dinner at the CHEESECAKE FACTORY! Last time we were in Vegas, it was an hour and a half wait, this time, 5 mintues. Its all about timing! It was soooooooo good. We all had salads......and then a huge piece of cheesecake, EACH!

We laughed A LOT!

At FAO Swartz. What a disappointment that store was. It was really overpriced!

The fountain outside the Wynn, where we didn't win. They were just building this last time we were there.
Fire at the Sirens of the TI show! It was hot! In more ways than one! LOL!

WOOHOO! At the pool again!

This is how you should really spend EVERY October!

Here we are on the cab ride to the airport. Sean didn't hear us say "BE SAD!"

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Carol Kerfoot said...

Seriously I laughed so hard at the last one....LOL Boys dont catch on quite quickly enough. Maybe he had too much breakfast?

These are AWESOME! What a great picture story of your trip. I wanna come next time k?