Friday, November 7, 2008

New Tricks

What is this 13 month old darling boy up to?

Well, this..................

He can eat whole bananas now, like a big kid!

He seriously thinks he is a big kid, despite what I have told him!

He LOVES to climb! LOVES IT! This is quite often the scene in the kitchen. I have had to resort to putting the chairs on top of the table and removing stools and other chairs in other rooms. "UP!" is his new favorite word.

Facial treatments

Playing "KING" for his sister's sheer enjoyment!

Eating rocks! Nutritious and Delicious!


Its never to early to start!


Hillary said...

I could have written this post lol!
The just never quit, huh?
What I would pay for that kind of energy...

Robin said...

Great photos. He is growing up so fast. How about sending Popa some of those shots. A little shy of recent photos here!