Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hair Cuts for All!

There is nothing more that I hate than hair in my kid's eyes! And just when it seems you get their hair cut, its time again!

The girls love going for hair cuts. I am not sure if it is the treat the get after that has something to do with it but they have never resisted this event. Thankfully. Yesterday it was time for all 3 to get their hair cut. Keira has been telling me for awhile that she wants it as short as mine. And then Kylie told me that she wants her short too. I didn't want my love of their long hair to get in the way of their wishes but I did make sure that they were aware that once the hair is off, its off! They were both fine with it. The results are beautiful. It is a little weird to see the new dos so short, especially on Kylie. And Keira, well her hair was at the longest it had ever been and it took 4 1/2 years to get it there. But I love their new looks!

Kaylum also had a cut yesterday. It is is 4th hair cut in his short 13 months of life. This time it was a hair cut. Not a little off the bangs and the sides. He looks like a little man now. Sean really likes it, and I am still getting use to it. Its funny how attached I am to their hair. Much like I am my own I guess. But its just hair and it will grow, QUICKLY!

Kaylum before
Look how cute he is! Sitting in that chair like a big boy. He sat really well for most of the hair cut.

Kaylum after
Keira before
After (camera phone, sorry for the crappy quality)
Its not the best pic of Kylie, but you can see how long her hair was
I told Sean I can sleep for another 15 minutes now in the morning now that there is such short hair to do!


jennifer said...

Awesome! Love all three... especially the little boy 'do!

Donna said...

I remember last year when Miss M asked for a short little bob like that - I pained me to cut it that short, but she looked soooo adorable, just like your lovely ladies! And WOW! is your little man looking all grown up with his new 'do!