Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was just organizing my July photos (tomorrow is August! really?), something I do at the end of every month and I tallied them up, I have taken over 2200 pictures this month!! What a busy month we have had. I guess it doesn't help that we added a new camera into the mix. Hmm I wonder how many I really took, I deleted a lot too.

So I have gotten really behind in the blog. Lots of exciting things have been happening.
Lets see:

:: the girls are finishing up 2 weeks of swimming lessons ::

:: we had a nice play date at our friend's new house ::

:: Sean's work truck needed some repairs, AGAIN! ::

::we spent and un-expected afternoon together as a family at the beach::

:: we found a new park, that is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon ::

:: the girls each got first place in the fair for their drawings ::

:: I got 6 firsts and 3 seconds on my photos in the fair ::

:: the girls were in the local parade riding their bikes, which we decorated ::

:: I got my dream camera and got to try it out on some fireworks ::

:: A Few Funny Words ::

Keira: Mom, I want to wear my zucchini (bikini) to swimming today!

Keira: I think we should get a veggie! (meaning budgie bird)

Keira (on making faces at her brother in while riding in the van) : Keeping Kaylum happy is hard work!! But I like it!!!

My Mom (on what the girls should wear to space day at swimming lessons): Well you could just bend over and go as Uranus!

Kaylum (after dropping his toy): Uh OH Uh Oh Uh Oh

And finally:

:: Kylie lost her second tooth!! ::


Tricia said...

hey what camera did you get? you've got some amazing shots! nice work!

FunkyMomma said...

Thanks Tricia! I got a Canon 40D! I LLLOOOOVVVVEEEEE it!

Tricia said...



you are one lucky FUNKY mama!

cant wait to see what other shots you capture!