Saturday, July 12, 2008


Thursday morning didn't start out too well. I had Keira running into my room while I was still sleeping, saying the water was at the top of the toilet. I told her not to use it and I would fix it when I got up. Not too much longer later, I hear a flush and then a frantic run into my room. MOMMY, MOMMY!!! The water is coming out of the toilet!! OI! I guess don't use and don't flush are teo different things to a 4 year old.

In afternoon we went to the berry patch and picked berries. The girls love going here. I think its more for the milk shake and the sand box we use after we are done picking but they were pretty excited about picking too. We picked raspberries first. They don't have any thorns so its easy for the girls to do. The rows are big so I could get the stroller down and Kaylum happily watched us. Then we tried our hand at strawberries. I hadn't done this before. And I have to say, I like raspberry picking better! LOL! In the end we got 10 lbs of strawberries and 4 1/2 raspberries. All that fresh air must have wiped all 3 out as they had great naps. They all fell asleep in the van and I left them there when we got home. Thanks goodness for garages! The girls ended up coming in and laying on the couch but Kaylum slept a good hour and a half out there. It was his best nap in days. I am thinking of installing a car seat into his bedroom so he will sleep at night! LOL!

In the evening we grabbed a couple pizza's for dinner and headed to our favorite park with my sister for a picnic. We do this quite often in the summer. What's good about the park is it is well shaded, perfect for a hot summer evening. But not tonight. It was so windy that it was cold in the shade. We had a little walk but it really was too chilly to enjoy it. After the park we hit the White Spot for some dessert. My sister had a craving for blueberry pie. But there wasn't any due to the season being late. But we still found some yummy stuff to eat!

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