Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baby You Can Drive My Car

On Friday afternoon we headed to the park for the girls to burn off some energy and to enjoy the sun. Kaylum fell asleep in the van again. I really wish he would nap like that in his crib!!
My sister joined us at the park and then we came home and the girls and her went through the sprinkler and when Sean got home we got him to air up their pool. I don't know how they go in that water. Its freezing!!
Kaylum was enjoying himself in Keira's little car. He even managed to move it around!

We had an early dinner as we were all starving, which was a good thing. Sean's on call again this week and he got called out at would have been our regular dinner time and we didn't see him til just after 9. That made a long day for him as he was out the door before 5:30am.

We rented the new Guitar Hero game and Sam and I put in a few hours after the girls went to bed and Sean snoozed on the couch. We will have to give it another try when my Dad comes over on Sunday. Yeah, new songs!! We are really board of the others!

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