Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Ground Hog's Day

Happy Ground Hog's Day. Apparently we are in for 6 more weeks. But I don't really believe the acts of a marmot will predict our weather. And why is he only called on once a year for predictions? Why aren't we asking these little dudes, if its going to be sunny during the summer so we can hit the beach? Someone must have been very desperate a long, long time ago for winter to end, January drags. Maybe it was the little hope they needed to get through February.
I took these in Manitoba in June. I came upon the babies by accident. We all enjoyed watching the babies cuddle in the grass with each other. I think we came upon the Dad as well, he was huge!! But I don't have a great picture of him.
You can find a couple more images over at my Dad's blog.

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