Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ducks Galore!

This week has been super busy. But yesterday was a Pro-D day, so we took a fun day trip with my parents. We went to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Ladner. Its been a lot of years since we've been and while not much has changed, it was a whole new experience going with the kids.

There were hundreds of ducks to greet us in the parking lot. They were very hungry, it was almost like they hadn't eaten in days! I think ducks are the piggies of the bird world!!

The kids loved feeding the birds, especially Kaylum. He wasn't scared at all of the large swarm around him.

We stopped to eat our lunch at one of the observation towers and there were a couple ladies hanging around up there. This one was rather friendly. Her friend was interested in my sandwich until she caught a whiff of the egg and left.

But as you can see, the ducks are rather tame. I don't know if that's a good thing. But it makes for a neat experience.

I love chickadees but they are so fast! They don't sit still for long.

The walk was long but the kids did great! Kaylum wanted to walk most of the time. I think we left him walk about half the way and then we locked him down. Otherwise I think we would still be there! I forgot how slow walking with a toddler is.
If you can believe it, we met up with some good friends! We didn't know they would be there, but Keira spotted them from quite a ways away. I thought she just saw someone with the same jacket! So they climbed up the observation tower together with my Dad. Apparently there was a great view. LOL!

This was a great trio of Sandhill Cranes we came upon. We have seen them at the zoo many times but it was neat to see them in the wild. You would think they were some famous celebrity family with the group of paparazzi surrounding them! Dad and I had really bad lens envy when we saw some of the gear these guys were packing. We were asked not to drool on the lens. LOL!

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