Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Already!?

I have been so busy with the business side of life that I am not doing much blogging.
We've had a fairly busy week and I can't believe its February already! Kylie's birthday is soon and she is very excited. She keeps reminding us to buy her gift.

I have been practicing with my new flash for some important up coming shoots and the girls have been fairly willing to model for me, no bribes required! LOL Here are some samples.

Keira went to the firehall with her pre school this week. Always a fun trip. That night she told us we have to practice our fire safety and whispered to me that we have to climb out the window too! I thought it was pretty funny. Last year she was a little un-easy after the trip but this year she is older and took the information much better.

The little man has been suffering from a cold with week and now is getting his 2 top eye teeth. That doesn't seem to slow him down and he is still as busy as ever. He has some new words this week but my fav is EMILY is sounds more like EMMIE. Very cute!

This one is a couple weeks old (he still has his hamburger head). He looooooves yogurt!

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Robin said...

Great shots. I love the one of the girls with Piper! Keep up the good work