Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gingerbread House

The annual decorating of the gingerbread house should be re-named, the half hour where Kaylum gorges himself on as much candy as he can shove in his mouth event. Because for the second year running, that's what he did!!
This year we bought the pre-assembled kit from Costco, which is awesome! The kids don't want to wait around for the walls to dry, they just want to slap on candy. I liked it because the walls don't always cooperate.

There was left over candy, you can see it in the picture above in the little bowl. In that little bowl Kaylum and Keira made "candy soup" where they mixed all the left over candy together, got out a spoon and did more shovelling. I can't believe they didn't barf and I can't believe I let them do it. They even ate their dinner after. Shocker. I know.

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Olive said...

Nice! I only recently came across your blog, but have enjoyed this post and will be back to read more.