Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Adventures

The girls were off school yesterday so I thought we should take advantage of the gorgeous sun and head back into Vancouver. I thought my Olympic curiosity would have been settled with our trip in the week before the games began, but it wasn't. I have a little bit of Olympic fever!

So I left Kaylum with my parents and picked up my sister and we heading into the city on the Sky Train. It was the girls first time on it and they were loving it!

I had heard about the massive lines all weekend and I was a little unsure what Monday would bring. We didn't have a plan but I knew we wouldn't be waiting in any lines. Its just not do-able with kids. So we wandered.

This is Granville Street. There are so many little paper lanterns in the trees, I have seen pictures of them at night. Beautiful!

There are all sorts of welcome signs throughout the city.

Fun silhouettes. Still on Granville St.

This is the zip line over Robson Square. There were reports of 6-7 hour waits for this free ride. The ride lasts 30 seconds.

Posing with what I think are robot clowns.
They put on a fun show in Robson Square.

The one thing we did wait to see was the mascot show. The kids are really into the mascots. They each have one of their own. The wait was 1 1/2 hours but we were right at the railing so we got front row. I think it made our whole trip into the city worth while.

Keira says, Girls love Miga.

Kaylum calls his Quatchie doll, Crotchie.


The girls got hugs from all the mascots, but Miga's hug was the best!

Outside the Russian's hotel. These are the mascots for the 2014 games in Sotchi.

I heard if you went to the Royal Bank that you could pose with the torch. This was the best we could do, the lady went home for the day that takes care of that. We did get some Olympic loonies and quarters though (another line up).

The cauldron. Its such a disappointment to see it behind all this chain link. But they line was incredible to get to the observation deck. And the girls weren't really thrilled with it in the first place. So I poked my camera through and got a shot. We were there. HAHA.

I do have some other images on my other blog if you haven't had a chance to look. Head on over! CLICK ME!

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