Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Kylie!

I am a bad blogger Mom. Here is is almost a week after Kylie's Birthday and I am finally finishing her birthday post.
Happy Birthday Kylie! 7 wow! There is a lot of Olympic talk at our house lately and I was telling Kylie that I remember hearing the announcement that we won the Olympic bid, she was just a baby! And now here we are a week after celebrating her 7th birthday, they are here. This of course really has nothing to do with Kylie. Just the fact that time flies! You are growing up so fast!
We celebrated with Kylie's friends at The Great Escape! Oi! There were 13 kids at our party plus a million others there. Running, screaming, sweating and having a great time. They all really enjoyed themselves.
After we headed up to one of Kylie's favourite restaurants with most of our family for some yummy pasta and came back to the house for more cake and presents. What an afternoon!

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