Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Twit from the Circus

I am sitting here tonight marveling from the wonders of Twitter. I have only been on Twitter for about a month, but tonight, I was really entertained by it.

The live feed coming out of the Britney Spears concert was amazing! I think I was more entertained from the comfort of my own home by Britney tonight than those who went to her concert and I didn't have to pay for parking.

I also didn't get any work done either.

It started with a RT (re-tweet) from Virgin Radio host Buzz Bishop
RT @Christine44: Brit is sucking big time (in my opinion) sloppy choreography, bad lip synching and she obviously does not want to be here. (Christine44 is a host at GM Place)

This peaked my interest a bit

Then he started RT others at the show:

RT @Christine44: Britney seems to have disapeeared after 3 songs..... Black set. Crowd getting annoyed. I am getting nervous.

@Natasha-lee: OMG - she not performing cause the building is too "smokey". Lol

The tweets were flying across my TweetDeck! Brit refused to sing because fans were smoking. Cigarettes and pot smoke was upsetting the pop princess and she walked off stage in the middle of her fourth song!

I can only image how upset fans were by this. This come back tour was not cheap. But why would you pay $200 + too see someone who admittedly lip syncs her show, and smoke up at the same time!? Listen, if you have money to waste, send me a comment and I can hook you up with my address so you can send it to me instead!!

After a half hour the hissy fit was over and the brat resumed her performance. Her people released a statement (pardon the raunchy drawing) apologizing to the fans.

This post is really about technology, mainly the Twitter phenomenon. I started using it to promote my business but tonight, it took me from it. Sorry K + H. I'm suppose to be editing your wedding pics, but Britney dragged me away. *blush*

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Cathy said...

OK! I just LOVE her wardrobe in the above photo. And my Sis said it was the best concert EVER!! LOL.