Monday, March 9, 2009

Flour Boy: Lessons for Mommy

After lunch today I decided to make the girls some muffins for after school snack. I was rushing a bit as I was under an hour before I had to get Kylie. Keira was playing upstairs and Kaylum was happily playing in the kitchen. Then he was quietly playing in the kitchen. He was right behind me. When I turned around, this is what I find him doing.

I found it rather amusing even though he was making a huge mess. But he was very content pulling the flour out of the bin and sprinkling it around.
I went and grabbed my other camera and came back into the kitchen only to find him laying in the flour pile and making swimming movements!

Uh Mom? Is there something on my face?

After his "swim"

Then he grabbed the wet cloth to help clean up. YUCK!

Today's Mommy lesson: close the lid on the flour container better! Hey this is a recession, that stuff's not cheap! LOL!

Let me also mention. I had 20 minutes before I had to pick Kylie up when I discovered this. I had to get it all cleaned up, clean up Kaylum and make sure the muffins didn't burn! And we did it!

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Cathy said...

Mr. Kaylum! Wowsers! You are going to make an excellent baker or swimmer when you grow up!