Tuesday, March 24, 2009

18 Months!!

WOW! My little guy is 18 months old today! Time is flying by. We enjoy Kaylum so much. Having a boy toddler in the house is much different than girl toddlers. He is so much more active and curious. Kaylum has a great laugh, we all love to hear it and his smile is infectious.
His vocabulary is awesome. He waves and says bye bye and says hi to random strangers. Momma and Dadda are his most used and MORE! Kaylum says TOO when he wants what you have. Birdy, fishy, doggie and kitty are his favorite animal words. Kaylum gets very excited when he sees any of those animals while we are out. He loves the zoo and knows the baby giraffe will give him kisses if he is at the platform. I can't imagine our world without this amazing little guy and in fact barely remember the world without him!

Here is as a sample of Kaylum's life these days courtesy of my crappy camera phone:

|Waiting for his sister to get out of school. Papa taught him how to put his hands in his pocket!|

|Table Dancing|

|Bike Riding|


|First Fever|

|Naps while snacking|

|Hat model|

|Happy Dude!|


Cathy said...

OK, that 18 months went by tooooo quickly. I remember sitting at EA and you were 25 weeks pregnant and it was hot. I remember you wearing a pink tank top, and I thought you looked so pretty! There were quite a few of us pregnant. And now look!

He is such a great addition to your family.

He is adorable!

Carol Kerfoot said...

oh sarah he is so cute!!!!