Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkins 'N Leaves

Today we spent the afternoon at the pumpkin patch celebrating a 5th birthday. The day was beautiful and sunny, perfect! Not too muddy, as long as you stayed in the right places. Kaylum really enjoyed exploring the pumpkins. We lost his boot and let me tell you, a navy boot is hard to find in the rotting vines, but I did!! The girls picked out 2 pumpkins. We have another trip Tuesday, so we'll grab a few more then.

When we got home we raked up the leaves in the front yard and Kylie and Kaylum played in them. Until we found some cat poo! YUCK!!! Kaylum just loved this, it was his first leaf pile. He loved the rake. Keira missed out on the fun, she was napping in the van.

What a beauty!

No poo on this one, Kaylum made sure!

He kept picking up leaves and saying "WOW!"


Cathy said...

What a great day, and a super series of photos from your day! Fall leaves are awesome!

jennifer said...

Loooooove the shot of Kylie. And I'm still laughing about the poo.