Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm NOT Bakerella

If you know who Bakerella is, well then you have drool on your keyboard too from looking at all the yummy treats she features on her site! Hello! Pudding cups, CHEESECAKE!! Oh yeah.

Well these little gems caught my eye and I thought they would be a great thing to try for Keira's birthday.

I knew I needed chocolate bark to make the outer shell of the cake ball so I made a trip to the US to get some, cuz Canada doesn't sell this. Apparently the US doesn't sell in between January and November. Crud. So I used Candy Melts instead and it was just fine. I was weary of the pink as the flavour was really strong when melted (I tasted. A. Lot.) but today they were just fine.

As a side note, I went to Fred Meyer on my bark buying mission and picked up the cake mix for $1.00!! The icing was around $1.25! YEEESSS!!

The whole process took about 3 hours. Its a tedious job but I am happy with results. They were a big hit with the kids and the adults at Keira's party! No one had cake on a stick before!!

Here's Bakerella's version:

Here's mine:

This job takes practice. I think I may practice next on cheesecake pops! Oh yes, I said Cheesecake pops!


Robin said...

And here's a testimonial to how good the goodies really were! (Bakerella or not!)
They were really really good!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Dad!!

Kristy said...

Those are SUPER cool! Maybe I could pay Bakerella to make some for my kids birthdays!

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

Hi! You have a super cute blog :) I was just googling Aldergrove Lake and your blog popped up :) Been there this year? Still rocky? We're in Lynden, so we're very nearby but have never been yet...

Sarah said...

Thanks Courtney!
We haven't been to Aldergrove Lake this year but yes, its still rocky :(
They are closing it after this summer so you better get your swim in while you can!
Thanks for the visit!