Sunday, January 24, 2010

Robbie Burns

On Friday the girls were invited to dance at a Robbie Burn Luncheon for my old dancing teacher's school. We went off to the Dogwood Pavilion to dance for the seniors there. It was a nice program with some toasts, piping and of course dancing. There probably was Haggis, but that was before we got there.

The girls are always a hit with the seniors. And well, how can they not be? Look how cute they are! They also got to dance with the Mayor of Coquitlam! I thought that was pretty neat. They didn't really understand. Mayor Stewart was a great sport getting up on stage with the girls. You can tell he was very serious and concentrating hard on the steps (see his tongue sticking out?).

The girls also danced at another Burn tea on Friday for our dance school but I didn't get a chance to take any pictures. They were stars of that show as well and when we left and walked past all the seniors, they clapped for them. So cute!!


Robin said...

Great job girls. I'm proud of you both!!

Cathy said...


Dustbunnies said...

cutest little dancers :)