Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bright Nights

Most years we make the trek into Stanley Park to enjoy the Bright Nights displays. We didn't go last year as it was bitterly cold and Kaylum was a bit young. So this year we were all excited to go. Of course Kaylum was extra excited because it involved a train and he kept jumping up and down saying YEAH!! Train ride! Train ride!

We made a stop for dinner at a very yummy restaurant that is a favorite of Sean and mine, Shabusen. Its an all you can eat sushi and Korean BBQ house. Soo awesome and good. If you ever get a chance to go, do it! The kids had never been before so we were excited to take them. But they didn't seem that excited to be there. In fact they barely ate. Kylie was not feeling so great and Keira was more interested in drawing with the wee pencil they gave us to make our food selections. Wait, we took Kaylum, he ate enough for the 3 of them, never mind.

This is out front of St Paul's Hospital. It was amazing and so beautiful.

There was a bit of traffic we had to wait through. While we were waiting at long lights, Kylie suggested we just go around and Kaylum suggested, to go faster Daddy, go faster! We finally got into the park with about an hour til our train time. We buy our tickets in advance so we are guaranteed a ride. We learned this the hard way one year. Thankfully it was when Kylie was a baby so there was only adult disappointment that night. We took the kids into the petting zoo and Kaylum just gave us the best look, it sort of said, hey what the hell? This isn't the train ride!! But he enjoyed looking at all the animals and birds. The girls we so excited to see everything and took over my camera for awhile. I guess the lights inspired them!

This is my favourite tree in the park. Its huge and well wrapped with lights.

Kylie took this one. She likes the motion in it.

A kind stranger took this one for us. See, if you take pics of others, one day someone will take one of you!

The wait for the train was 45 minutes. It wasn't too bad as it was continually moving, but we didn't wait that long for a ride in Disneyland! Maybe there should be a Bright Nights Fast Pass system :o)

BC Hydro display


I took my point and shoot so, quality suffers but its about memories! And we had a great night and the kids had fun. I am glad it wasn't any colder than it was!

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