Friday, June 19, 2009

Sports Day

Today was Kylie's very first sports day! She was very excited to get to school this morning. I think Sean and I hyped her up a bit too with all our reminising from our sports days.
We arrived at school this morning and the kids broke into their colour teams. We went from station to station, starting at the freezie station!
Keira got to participate as well as they were short one kid on the yellow team. She had a blast and really wanted to stay all day.
Kaylum enjoyed himself too, he did a good job at stealing various pieces of equipment from the stations and moving around various items of importance!

It all began at the freezie station

Onto some relays
Sack races

He climbed in himself! No racing though.

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Michelle said...

Oh Sarah how fun! The Girls look like they had a blast.Kallum is too cute in the sack :)