Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy Weekend

A busy and fun weekend seems to make Monday feel worse.

The sun finally came out this weekend and it was soooo great to feel it after that horrible snow and the gross rain that followed.

We hit the zoo to soak up that vitamin D, get some colour and visit our chilly animal friends.

Kisses from the baby giraffe!

Ride 'em!

Exploring the frozen pond

I love how Lemurs sun themselves!

This is a new guy to the zoo. The arctic foxes arrived at the end of summer to the zoo and they were a grey colour. Now they are all white and probably the only ones in town that are loving all the snow we got!

I love that Kaylum holds our hand when we walk with him now.

Saturday night was girls night. It was my friend M's 40th birthday so 6 of us left our hubbies and kids behind and hit the town! We headed to the Red Robinson Show Theatre to see Margaret Cho. It was a very funny show and we all enjoyed to comp. tickets and the meet and greet!!!

Here we are with Margaret

Margaret and her opening act Ian Harvie (I'm not sure who the other girl is)

I am not really sure why or how. This was all Daddy.

Sunday night our good friends from the island joined us for dinner. We haven't seen them since August and really wished our visit was longer. I guess we will have to make a trip over soon!
Their daughter is 3 1/2 and the girls all get along so well.

All cuddled up watching a movie

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